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    Zenith Post Top (Z12)

    Zenith - combining high-tech optics with modern design elements to offer greater flexibility and precision

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    Zenith Post Top (Z12)
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        The classically inspired design houses state-of-the-art technology and has many features that allow its appearance to be customized and personalized. By combining high-tech optics with elements of modern design, the Zenith gives designers great flexibility and freedom. The Zenith was specially developed for lighting large areas, such as parks, public areas, and entryways. It comes with a compact floodlight that uses long arc double-ended metal halide lamps and it is now available with an EcoSwap, our new LED light engine that will provide even better longevity and energy savings.


        Maximized pole spacing
        Increased sense of safety
        Easy maintenance
        Design flexibility
        Excellent performance in the most demanding environments


        Precision optics
        Vertical illumination
        Tool-free access to electrical components
        Offers a variety of customizable features


        Road and Street
        Bridges, Monuments, Facades
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