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    Serenade DSX post top (S56)

    Serenade - grace in all simplicity, designed for performance and reliability

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    Serenade DSX  post top (S56)
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        Inspired by early 20th century styling, the Serenade displays its originality with a pleasant blend of features that merge sturdy construction, aesthetics, and efficiency. The Serenade DSX encompasses a sophisticated reflector and refractor system. Superior efficiency and IES cutoff are two of the many benefits this optical system offers. Having as low as 1% uplight sets the Serenade DSX apart from imitators, while increased efficiency can help reduce energy usage. IP66 sealed optical system keeps the optics free of contaminants, ensuring performance for years to come.


        Keeps optics free of contaminants
        Ensures top-level performance in harsh environmental conditions
        Simple and fast maintenance


        IP66 optical system
        Die-cast aluminum construction
        Tool-free access to internal components


        Road and Street
        Bridges, Monuments, Facades
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