New Westminster Arm Mount (NWS-M)

    New Westminster - designed to last

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    New Westminster Arm Mount (NWS-M)
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        Recognized for being visually appealing, they are also very technologically advanced. When creativity is focused on details, the details will create ambience. The soft light cast by these discrete luminaires with their refined design makes them an integral part of a finished work. Our wall sconces were designed to complement our lines of luminaires and to add a polished look and feel to any project.


        Easily integrated into a variety of settings
        Design flexibility
        Quick and easy maintenance
        Maximized performance
        Able to withstand the most demanding environments


        Pedestrian scale
        Tool-free access to internal components
        Removable ballast tray unit with quick disconnect
        Precision optics
        Embedded memory retentive gasket


        Bridges, Monuments, Facades
        Road and Street
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