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    UrbanScape LED Pendant (MSC)

    UrbanScape - modern styling meets advanced lighting technology

    UrbanScape LED Pendant (MSC)
    ADEX Platinum
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        Product family information

        The UrbanScape LED Pendant luminaire combines style and performance to create flexible, durable and attractive energy-saving solutions that blend in well with modern-styled urban architecture. Thanks to the open design it is capable of more powerful lumen packages suited to the higher visibility requirements of roads and intersections – up to 96 LEDs can deliver over 20,000 lumens, equivalent to 400W HID. The pendant model comes with a choice of flat or sag lens, and an optional white opaque globe. Lumec3D: Online 3D Configurator


        Optimized LED efficiency and life
        Reduces light pollution, dark-sky friendly
        Ensures durability and reliability in harsh environmental conditions
        Maximizes pole spacings
        Superior light quality and uniformity


        Optimal thermal design
        Full cutoff with 0% uplight
        Complete luminaire is IP66 rated
        Optical systems composed of high performance refractor lenses
        Dedicated LED optics


        Bridges, Monuments, Facades
        Road and Street
        Specification Sheets
        Photometry/BIM Files
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