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    LED roadway security luminaire - medium (RSLM)

    Security made simple and affordable

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    LED roadway security luminaire - medium (RSLM)
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        • Specifications LED roadway security luminaire - medium (RSLM) -Spec Sheet PDF 1.5 MB
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        The Lumec RSL LED roadway security luminaire is the perfect solution when projects require a simple luminaire that meets specifications without sacrificing performance and your budget, all while maximizing operations and maintenance savings. This roadway luminaire features an IP66-rated LED module, designed to provide crisp, brilliant white light that surpasses existing HID luminaire performance. Optimized for applications such as rural and local roads or general area lighting applications, its overall size, weight, and tool-free feature ensure ease of installation. RSL makes upgrading to reliable, long-lasting, low maintenance LED lighting a simple cost-effective decision for municipalities, COOP’s, and utilities.


        Ideal solution for retrofit projects or new installations and is available in two sizes to suit a wide range of applications.
        Available with a prismatic lens option for a more traditional look and to spread light evenly and help to control brightness.
        Can be direct mounted to vertical surfaces or mounted onto existing arms easily. A wood pole arm option is also available as an accessory ordered separately.
        Maintenance and service are simple with RSL's tool-less access to driver compartment.
        Reduces light pollution, dark-sky friendly


        Comes controls-ready out of the box, with a dimming driver and 7-pin receptacle.
        Type 3 and 5 optics are available
        Color temperatures 4000K and 3000K
        IP66-rated LED module
        5-year limited warranty


        Road and Street
        Security Lighting
        Bridges, Monuments, Facades
        Parks and Plazas
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