Straight Round Aluminum Pole

    Straight Round Aluminum Pole - superior structural quality

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    Straight Round Aluminum Pole
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        Specification Sheets
        • Specifications Straight Round Aluminum Pole - Hinged Base - Spec Sheet PDF 178.5 kB
        • Specifications Straight Round Aluminum Pole - Cast Base - Spec Sheet PDF 325.8 kB
        • Specifications Straight Round Aluminum Pole - Steel Tenon Base - Spec Sheet PDF 174.0 kB
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        • Revit file Straight Round Aluminum Pole - BIM Revit ZIP 3.2 MB

        Product family information

        The Gardco straight round aluminum poles consist of a one piece extruded aluminum lighting standard mounted to a cast aluminum base, a hinged aluminum base, or a structural quality carbon steel base tenon. The poles are finished with either Architectural Class 1 anodizing or electrostatically applied TGIC polyester powder coat.


        Built to withstand harsh environmental conditions
        Superior corrosion resistance
        Optimal strength and durability


        4", 4 1/2" or 5" diameter poles
        Available in various heights ranging from 8' to 30'
        Steel tenon, cast, or hinged base options
        Post-top or side arm mount options


        Parks and Plazas
        Road and Street
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