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    161 LED Sconce

    High performance and integrated style, all in one luminaire

    161 LED Sconce
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        Product family information

        The Gardco LED Wall Sconce 161 is an enlarged and enhanced version of the 121, providing performance capability up to that of a 400W metal halide wall sconce, while using considerably less energy. Designed for mounting heights from 15 to 20 feet, the 161 offers exceptional performance, allowing a reduction in the total pole requirements on a site. The styling of the 161 also complements the PureForm site luminaires. The sloped surface ribs of its die cast aluminum housing create a distinctly unique aesthetic element, while performing important functions in the Gardco thermal management system.


        Exceptional performance can reduce pole requirements on a site
        Motion response and control options are available for additional energy savings
        Performance is equivalent to 400W HID while consuming significantly less energy


        Lumen range from 10,200 to 27,300
        Efficacy range from 102-121 lumens per watt
        Offered in Types II, III, and IV
        Offered in color temperatures warm white, neutral white and cool white


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