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        Architecturally adaptable, the Bollards and Light Columns are set apart by their ingenious design, quality materials, and robust construction. Bollards and Light Columns add a measure of refinement and originality to any design. They complete a setting and tie-in architectural elements to create a harmonious effect that sets projects apart. They are perfectly suited to embellish and enhance the comfort of parks, walkways, public spaces and building entryways.


        Guarantees high quality and precise lighting
        Protects against dirt and debris
        Long-term photometric performance
        Minizes light trespass
        Quick and easy maintenance


        Die-cast acrylic globe with hydroformed and anodized reflector
        Unique design includes cage inside globe
        IP66 rated Smartseal optics
        Tool-free access to internal components
        Decorative refractor with integrated colored LED option


        Bridges, Monuments, Facades
        Road and Street
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