Latest release notes

    MultiOne Engineering and WorkFlow 3.12 Updates

    Support for the following new LED Devices:
    Device Name
    SR Bridge SRB-BS2
    SR Bridge SRB-LD2

    New Features:

    • Auxiliary Power Supply
    • Tunable White
    • DTL PID

      New Updates:

    • The Workflow silent installation feature allows for Workflow to be silently installed without user interaction. This feature also allows for the distribution of the Workflow through a network across multiple stations without disrupting process flow or without the need of cumbersome flash drives and manual installations making this feature ideal for users who use Workflow on multiple stations ( see diagram).
    Workflow Silent Installation Diagram

    MultiOne Express 1.0

    The MultiOne Express system is a self-contained windows-based system which can be used to manually and quickly configure Advance Xitanium LED drivers with SimpleSet without the need of feature file.


    MultiOne Express supports Adjustable Output Current and Minimum Dim Level configurability, and Label Print capabilities.


    System Components:


    • MultiOne Express Application
    • SimpleSet Tool
    • SimpleSet Driver
    • Optional Label Printer


    Minimum Requirements:

    • Windows 7 SP1, 8, 8.1 or 10 based system
    • USB 2.0 port
    • At least 45 MB of free disk space
    • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1
    • Philips LCN9620 (929000999506) or LCN9630 (929001546306) Configuration Tools


    Label Print Requirements:

    • USB 2.0 port
    • Minimum 2” x ¾” label size
    • Zebra GX430T or Dymo 450 Turbo printer

    MultiOne Engineering and MultiOne Workflow 3.11.1 Updates

    • Support for new and existing LED devices 
    • Workflow Silent installation added 
      • UAC (User Account Control) may need to be disabled for full silent install
    • Luminaire info: 
      • added support for DiiA specifications: part 251 – extension MB1( format 3)
      • added support for additional information parameter 
    • New specs are developed by DiiA (Digital illumination Interface Alliance) for use in smart luminaires. Part 251 is describing the luminaire data. This is implemented in the devices by MultiOne as feature “Luminaire info” and can be set with DALI and/or SimpleSet. There are different content versions, the format 3 is specified by ANSI/DiiA. Depending on type of device, there is a difference in available free space for extra information.
    • Improved SR PSU: extension of the feature with additional parameters 
    • Read all features (with DALI and NFC) of not yet supported new devices (samples)
    • Change Copyright to Signify for documentation and software