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    Shining the spotlight on Signify as LEDucation goes virtual

    August 11, 2020
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    Don’t miss Signify at LEDucation on August 18th and 19th as this premier event goes virtual. Signify and its leading specification brands will highlight the latest products and lighting solutions through dedicated virtual exhibitor booths where attendees can download product information, event promotions, and contact a Signify lighting expert directly.
    Virtual Show Highlights

    3D printed luminaires deliver customization never seen before in professional lighting

    Unlocking your design potential. By offering 3D Printing solutions locally our specification and design community can work with the 3D Luminaire group to develop a concept on paper, see that concept in days, and a fully developed product in a matter of weeks. Compare this to the traditional product development time frame of 10-14 months from concept to final design. It is truly groundbreaking. Signify also has an Industrial design group that our design community can work with, conveniently located in our Burlington Massachusetts office to work out customized design concepts.
    3D printing

    AccuRender technology offers more design flexibility with less sacrifice


    Ledalite introduces innovative AccuRender technology throughout its product portfolio to meet your energy, cost, and aesthetic requirements. AccuRender provides 90CRI R9>50 illumination without sacrificing the efficacy usually associated with CRI 80 products. Starting with three of our iconic product families: Arcform, Eyeline and Modifly we offer a range of design options for recessed, wall, linear and configurable shapes. With careful spectral engineering (and a little bit of color science magic) you can have it all. I invite you to explore the opportunities!


    Lightolier’s Calculite family just got bigger!

    Discover the ultimate family of cylinders for all your layers of light. Calculite’s precision cylinders bring a complete set of lighting tools for specifiers to create layers of light in open ceiling spaces as would have been done with recessed mounted downlights. The newest launch adds 2 inches round and 3 inches round and square cylinders to the family with an extensive range of mounting options making it the most complete family of cylinders in North America.

    Clyinder 3in cable

    Color Kinetics introduces two innovative, compact family solutions


    Graze Compact, a high-performance, exterior linear luminaire designed to highlight architectural features like molding details and windows up to two stories high. Graze Compact utilizes Color Kinetics IntelliHue technology to produce millions of saturated colors, and high-quality white light, in the same luminaire. The new low-profile housing, connectorized cabling, a universal power input range, and direct line voltage make Graze Compact luminaires easy to install and operate.

    Graze compact
    PureStyle Compact Powercore luminaires bring lighting professionals high output in a compact, easily concealed luminaire. PureStyle Compact delivers exceptionally high-quality light for a wide range of interior applications from cove to wall-washing to backlighting and beyond. PureStyle Compact Powercore IntelliHue delivers dynamic color light and white light with a CRI above 90 at any point from 2700 K to 6500 K.
    PureStyle Compact Powercore
    Interact Office Space Management Software

    As businesses scramble to respond to the COVID-19 crisis and reimagine work life in the “new normal,” it is becoming clear that IoT systems, automation, and building services integration are necessary to ensure continuity and build resilience. The connected lighting infrastructure, which offers an ideal way to distribute IoT sensors and systems throughout illuminated spaces, is key for organizations to implement effective, scalable, and future-ready solutions. Space management software can capture and analyze building occupancy data to help you understand how your office space is being occupied and used over time. These insights help you create a workspace that meets the needs of your business. Relevant software features include targets for monitoring space utilization and people density, an app for adjusting lighting via a mobile device to reduce contact with high-touch areas, and a workplace occupancy map that can indicate areas to visit or avoid based on real-time people density.
    space managament
    Now, with the SRAINTP Interact Pro 0-10V accessory controller customer can extend the Interact Pro wireless connectivity and controls functionality to any 0-10V 3rd party luminaires. Apply it for individual fixture control or daisy chain multiple 0-10V fixtures together and control the entire circuit. Easily mix and match 0-10V products from different brands, achieve seamless controls and dimming behavior with the various Interact Pro user interfaces.
    Interact pro controller
    If you haven’t already registered to attend the LEDucation virtual event, please register today at to see more from Signify.


    April Ruedaflores
    April Ruedaflores

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