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    Intern in the spotlight: Homero Pesina

    February 4, 2021
    Homero Pesina
    With a very challenging year behind us, we would like to present our intern in the spotlight, Homero Pesina from Mexico.

    Homero Pesina began his career at Signify as a Factory Planner Intern in Monterrey Mexico, which helped him gain and develop essential skills that later enabled him to take on another role with a higher degree of responsibility.

    This included a short cross training in Production Control where he supported assembly planning and production planning.

    Right now, he is prepared to step into his new role, as a Factory Key Account team member.


    What is the driver of your interest in the company?


    H: In a few words, because the company’s values are also my values. I love to know, that by working for this company I am contributing to a greater good and that we are amongst the few, helping the environment. That we illuminate hospitals, schools and provide a brighter future for those in need. That we are an important part of society, even if not everybody knows we are lighting their lives. And I really love to know that. It gives me peace of mind.


    Could you summarize your experience with Signify?


    H: In this journey one can learn many things. You can meet very good people who are always willing to teach you new things and support you when something goes wrong. You will learn how to overcome obstacles and learn, so you can avoid making the same mistake twice. That is something that I really like.

    But at the same time, the company gives you the opportunity to grow, by giving you responsibilities and including you in the processes.

    You will be surrounded by those interns who share the same values and objectives as you and the company, so we can grow and learn together.

    It’s a place to learn endless activities. I feel like I am part of a family, a part of Signify.

    Signify's interns group photo

    What are some of the most memorable moments of being at Signify for you?


    H: On my first day at Signify when they introduced me to my co-workers, then informed me of my future tasks which was followed by a tour of the plant. When I saw the machinery, the assembly lines, the factory employees working as a team to assemble the luminaires. That first impression of how everything works so smoothly at a company as big as Signify, was surprising. Tremendous coordination.

    And the second-best memory was, when we met our CEO Eric Rondolat, it was a nice experience to see him up close, answering questions and sharing a few words with us.

    And there are many more unforgettable memories that I made working at this company, and without a doubt they are an important part of me already.

    Signify Mexican team

    What were the reasons for joining Signify?


    H: Throughout this year and a half as an intern, everything I have learned about the working world is thanks to Signify. This company gave me my first internship opportunity.

    I feel very in sync with their values and their objectives. I love the role with the plant and the manufacturing of luminaires and the processes involved, and obviously the people and friends that I made here who have supported me so much on my journey.

    The chance to work at Signify is an opportunity that you just cannot pass up.


    Signify seems to have left an impression on you, do you have any advice for future interns who are interested in having a similar experience?


    H: If you are familiar with team sports, you will understand how I see this company.

    Signify brings young players to its quarry, teaches them, helps them grow, while developing those skills you have, even the ones you didn't know you had.  They give you some last minute play here and there within the competitive team with more and more responsibilities and when the team notices that you are ready, they make you their competitive team’s official player. This is Signify and its employees. And as I said before, it is a place that is not afraid to give responsibilities to an intern who wants to learn more and who shows the capacity to face the challenges. A company that does not put unnecessary obstacles in front of you, instead they allow you to grow and improve.

    So, if you are a student looking for a place to do your internship, do not hesitate, Signify is the place you are looking for!


    Levente Pálóczi
    Levente Pálóczi

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