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    Intern in the spotlight: Hina Karasawa

    April 28, 2020
    Hina Karasawa
    Curious about intern life at Signify Japan? I interviewed Hina Karasawa to find out how she is enjoying Signify life! Hina-san is currently using her creativity and problem-solving skills, to assist with our marketing related projects and issues in the consumer business group. Read on for more!

    Could you tell us about your internship at Signify?


    H: Our purpose is advertisement. Correcting leaflets, updating content, and translating webpages are some of our daily tasks. We also guide content creators, so their original ideas will still have the unified presence of Signify, as we are greater together. Occasionally, we get to directly promote our products, such as the Hue systems.


    Please share with me, how does an ordinary day look like for you?


    H: As a morning routine, I always check my e-mails, and prioritize them according to their importance. In case we have new requests for promotional content. The focus is always on the actual task, which usually means the designing of different leaflets.

    Team meeting

    What was the most memorable experience with us so far?


    H: Once I had 10 different projects running at the same time. It was difficult, since at that point I had only been working at Signify for three months. I appreciate the team and my supervisor for challenging and supporting me throughout this experience. At the end of it, I was proud because I managed to accomplish my goal. I had something concrete to show for the time and effort I put into it.


    What was your motivation for joining Signify?


    H: Interestingly, when I applied, I thought Signify was a Japanese company, so I was really surprised when it turned out otherwise. Experiencing what it is like to work in a multinational environment was priceless, and I wouldn’t trade this position in for anything else, since the team and the working environment was so friendly and welcoming. At this point, I would like to align myself more towards better knowledge about myself, and my role, as I am looking forward to a career advancement!

    Team meeting

    Could you summarize your internship at Signify?


    L: At Signify, I expanded my experience, and this position gave me a chance to better understand what I could do with my qualifications. It also opened a door of endless possibilities in my career. I’m grateful for the opportunities, where I could experiment and try things that other professionals rarely get to do. Even though it was hard, when I succeeded, it was sweeter than it normally would be.


    Check our career site to find challenging internship opportunities like Hina’s!

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    *This interview took place before the COVID-19 pandemic.


    Levente Pálóczi
    Levente Pálóczi

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