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    Enhancing Cruise Ship Passengers’ Security and Confidence with the Power of Light

    May 30, 2022
    Uvc Guestroom App Shot UIW

    Signify hopes to see you at the Cruise Ship Interiors Expo America (CSI) at the Miami Beach Convention Center on June 7-8, 2022. Come visit us, alongside Century Group, at booth #617 to learn how our UV-C disinfection lighting solutions can deliver an extra layer of protection against viruses and bacteria, supporting a comfortable guest experience and working environment for your crew.


    According to a recent study, 69% of all Americans plan to travel more, or the same amount, in 2022 than prior to the pandemic. One thing is clear: the competition to attract guests is greater than ever. Prioritizing health and safety measures aren’t just nice-to-haves but necessities for ensuring their comfort and confidence in cruising. The right technology – UV-C disinfection lighting – can help.

    Upper-air UV-C luminaires can help on lower decks, where ventilation and filtration are limited. They can also be used in hospitality spaces, where there are higher levels of traffic, such as dining rooms, spas, theaters and gyms. You can even install these fixtures in your guest and staff cabins to help avoid circulating unsanitized air throughout the ship. Upper-air solutions can be used when people are present and without interrupting regular operations and activities, as the luminaires’ installation height, in combination with shielding and optics, prevents exposure to the light source.

    UV-C lighting can also be used to disinfect small objects, like phones, walkie-talkies and keyboards, too. Give your crew greater confidence in your disinfection measures by cleaning these commonly shared objects with the press of a button. The chamber design ensures a 360-degree UV-C radiation exposure to the object. It is equipped with safety measures, such as door sensors and magnetic locks, to prevent it from being accidentally opened during the disinfection process.


    Now, you can back to what matters most: creating memorable experiences for your guests and supporting a positive work environment for your staff.


    Want to discuss this technology and its additional applications at CSI Expo America? Register for the conference here, and email Addy Oluyemi to set up a demo. We look forward to seeing you there!


    Addy Oluyemi

        Addy Oluyemi

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