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    Light to go expands its application solutions with new field-selectable product lines

    August 12, 2020
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    Signify’s Light to go stocking program introduces two new field-selectable downlight and recessed troffer product families, making it easy to provide the right product at the right price while keeping inventory levels low and manageable.


    Lean, mean, lighting machine

    The Lightolier Flat Downlight Select provides an easy and quick downlight solution, perfect for residential and commercial installations in existing ceilings or new construction. The color selectable fixture features four color temperature options to choose from, making it easy to choose at the time of installation.

    The Lightolier Flat Downlight Select
    Make the easy selection - carry less stock with more options

    The Day-Brite Selectable backlit panel makes it easy for you to provide just the right product to your customers, at the right price. With 3 color temperature selections, 3 wattage choices, and 3 sizes available, you can provide numerous options to your customers, while keeping inventory levels and SKU count low. Available for use in recessed and surface mount applications, the SBP is a versatile luminaire that is ideal for general lighting applications.

    This new Selectable Backlit Panel allows wattage and CCT to be selectable via DIP switch on the back of the luminaire. There is minimal intrusion in the plenum space as the fixture depth is only 1-1/2” deep including the driver box. The fixture gives an even distribution of light on the lens and provides an exceptionally low glare gradient, minimizing distractions at the ceiling plane. The general light distribution creates uniform horizontal and vertical illuminance on the workplane and limits scalloping on the walls.
    Selectable Backlit Panel

    Light to go is our unparalleled breadth of simplified, essential offerings focused on the fulfillment of the most popular and daily demands of core stock items for small projects and maintenance and repair opportunities.


    The program benefits include:

    • Quick to order: Light to go product selections are designed for easy ordering through Signify’s MyLighting portal.
    • Simple to use: Whether you are working on a retrofit project or new construction, Light to go products are easy to install with minimal steps.
    • Easy on your wallet: Light to go is competitively priced to meet the demands of budget conscious projects focused on cost and energy.


    To learn more about our Ready to go program.


    Wendy Timbie
    Wendy Timbie

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