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    How to light your multi-tasking life

    Sep 11, 2019

    This time of the year brings cooler weather, shorter days, cocooning on the couch, Netflix bingeing, and indoor projects and crafts. Maybe you’ll mix that up with a few gatherings with friends and family. Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

    So, are you ready to get cozy? While you’re switching out tee shirts for sweaters and flip-flips for boots, think about switching your lighting to something a little more versatile. It’s like dressing in layers on a late September day: You need to be ready for cool mornings, warm afternoons, and breezy nights. Did you know you can have light that’s just as flexible? Light that goes from cool to warm, or bright to dim? Or both? How about multiple colors besides shades of white?

    Relax and have fun during family game night with soft white light


    How does this day sound to you:


    • Imagine starting your day with light that eases you into the morning: Soft white, dim, and comfortable. You haven’t had your coffee yet, so let’s keep it soft until you’re ready.


    • First cup of coffee has been consumed and your energy is up! So are your lights. It’s time to check email and FOCUS. Your light shifts from soft and dim to a bright, refreshing daylight to help you stay on task without dozing back to sleep.


    • It’s dinner time now, and the kids are helping you prep the meal. The lights change to a bright white light to help them see all of that washing, chopping, and assembling. Don’t mix the cilantro with the parsley – you want them to see what they’re doing.


    •  Now you can relax. With everyone around the table, your lights transition from bright white to a cozy warm ambiance. Under a comfortable ambiance, conversation flows and smiles are plenty.


    • The table has been cleared and the kids are excited to play that new board game, so let’s have some fun. Your lights change from shades of white to brilliant, festive colors to enhance the spirit of game night. Who will win? No cheating.


    • The doorbell rings, who could it be? And why are they in the dark? The light at your front door comes on and you see it’s your neighbor, and they got a delivery of yours by mistake.


    If this multi-tasking day in the life sounds like yours, there’s a new LED light bulb that can keep up with your routines: Philips Smart Wi-Fi LED. It’s smart, and it’s simple to use over your existing Wi-Fi network. No additional equipment needed.


    Watch the video to see how it works:


    Getting started with smart lighting is easy


    With Philips Smart Wi-Fi LED family of bulbs, you can have the versatility you want in just two simple steps.


    1.   Step one is screwing in the Smart Wi-Fi bulb.


    2.   Step two is downloading the WiZ app* (iOS or Android).


    Using your smart device or favorite voice assistant, you can control the lights. Dim without a dimmer. Change between shades of white. Or decorate a party with festive colors.

    Make family time more fun with colored light. Choose the full color and tunable white option


    Everyone’s life is unique, so there are several options to choose from. Philips Smart Wi-Fi LED come in a range of options that let you choose between dimmable, tunable, or full color with dimming and tunability. Choose whichever suits your home, your room, and your routines. For those rooms with decorative fixtures, there are Smart Wi-Fi bulbs in glass filament styles designed to be seen.

    Some options are available in glass with decorative filaments 


    When getting your house ready for Fall and Winter, consider Philips Smart Wi-Fi LED bulbs to make your routines easier, your holidays more festive, and the shorter days more comfortable with light.


    Learn more about Philips Smart Wi-Fi LED bulbs.


    Available at The Home Depot.


    Tracy Coon
    Tracy Coon

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