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    The Signify Outdoor 3D Configurator – The ultimate tool

    February 27, 2020
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    A little bit of history


    In 2007 the first version of online Lumec 3D configurator was created. At that time, we were pioneers in the industry with this new technology. This project, created by a multidisciplinary team, was to answer the growing needs of our business partners. Our goal allowed partners to easily and accurately configure Outdoor Lighting solutions, to visualize their projects in 3D models and obtain presentation drawings on their own and without delay. A second version further enabled our business partners to create their own quotes, while dramatically reducing paper consumption. Finally, a third version introduced in 2010, offered mid-pole configuration to create a complete outdoor assembly, export drawings, complete pole load calculation, plus allow agents to obtain a price.  

    Computer screen

    Lumec 3D Configurator circa 2009


    Over the last few years, several updates were made to adapt the configurator to meet current market needs and continuously improve its engine. Just think of the various changes that have taken place in the world of the Web such as optimized 3D maps and changes in Internet browsers.


    What about Today?


    In December 2019, we launched the Multi-Brand version where Lumec and Hadco products are offered. To remain on top of current technological developments, Signify has just launched the Outdoor 3D Configurator in mobile version. Android and iOS compatible systems now offer an application to satisfy today's growing needs: Signify Outdoor 3D Configurator.

    Signify 3D Configurator
    In addition to this application, the team has innovated by offering AR & VR technologies. Augmented Reality (AR) is paired with the configurator mobile app to provide a real-world image overlay. It’s now possible to create a complete set, from a phone or a tablet, and view it in a real setting, whether indoor or outdoor. Users can now interact directly with the environment to assess the full potential of their project.
    Augmented reality technologies

    Augmented Reality (AR) technologies


    Virtual Reality (VR) technology will offer a powerful marketing tool at various promotional events. This immersive multimedia tool will allow individuals to navigate in a virtual showroom and even walk in a scene, created as needed and on demand.
    VR technologies

    Virtual Reality (VR) technologies


    Gone are the days when the Sales Team had to carry heavy fixtures, poles and wires. All they will need to do is put on the all-in-one VR headset (without computer and wireless) and use the controllers to see the selected products scroll through. Not only will the VR headset offer easy-to-use configuration, but the application will offer a multitude of customizable product choices within the showroom scene where virtual movements are welcome!


    Thanks to the many features already offered and the new addition of AR & VR technologies just launched, everyone should take the advantage of the Signify Outdoor 3D Configurator. The tool that already offers exterior lighting products from the Lumec and Hadco brands could eventually integrate even more brands. In addition, the R&D group is already considering using this same platform for the development of new products. With technologies that keep improving and products that keep evolving, this tool will continue to grow over the years.


    The Signify Outdoor 3D Configurator is a complete and powerful tool to be used by both internal and external partners. It’s available in English, French and Spanish. Just select your language of choice top right of the page.


    To try it, is to adopt it!


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    Karine Proulx
    Karine Proulx

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