Philips Hue smart home lighting reaches a whole new level by connecting gamers to new experiences

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    16 May 2018
    Regardless of genre or title, a gamer’s play style and gaming set-up are not only personal, but unique expressions of individuality. Razer Chroma represents more than just multi-colours, it opens up limitless personalisation options for you to play with, empowering you with the tools to take both your play style and your personal style to the next level.

    Your lights will mimic the in-game effects for a full-room experience.

    hue white colour ambiance house light
    Always wanted that extra bit of help when playing a game? Or become more immersed when exploring foreign worlds in-game? With our Razer integration you will be able to do just that! The colourful effects on the Razer Chroma equipment can now be extended to the whole room with your Philips Hue lights. Whether it’s colours indicating that your health is getting low or ambient colours linked to the environment you are exploring, Philips Hue copies the effects of your Razer hardware and makes them stand out more.

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