How to take a BBQ to the next level


    August 24, 2022


    With the summer activities in full swing, why not create an ambient outdoor set up in your garden, to create the perfect environment for a BBQ with friends. Make sure the lighting is right so you can cook up a storm and enjoy the food with maximum pleasure. Philips Hue’s outdoor range can help you create the perfect set up for outdoor entertainment.


    Smart LED lights add an extra ‘oomph’ to events, no matter how casual. Your BBQ get-together becomes more special thanks to the simple addition of light enhancing the vicinity.


    Philips Hue lights can paint you garden in colour to add that extra touch to any event. Use the Hue app to set outdoor scenes for different situations. Set fun, bright scenes, such as Miami, to create the perfect ambience for your outdoor get-together and light up the garden with blue and pink.

    Add light to focal points


    A strip light is an easy, subtle way to add light to the focal points of your garden. The Philips Hue Outdoor lightstrip is ideal for direct and indirect lighting – it is easy to install, allows you to personalise your outdoor space and create a unique outdoor space. Place them along the edge of your patio to create a fun, surprising burst of colour — one of 16 million, to be exact — and help your space feel bigger. You can bend it, curve it, and light up pathways, highlighting features – making your outdoors yours. The Hue bridge is required for set up.

    Outdoor Lightstrip

    Illuminate your favourite spots


    The Lily Spotlight lets you highlight your favourite outdoor features, create interesting shadows and more. Simply connect the smart outdoor spotlights into any standard wall socket using the included low-voltage power supply to get millions of shades of white or coloured light in your garden. Illuminate your favourite elements of the garden with vibrant spotlights of colour. The Hue bridge is required for set up.

    Lily Spotlight

    Light up your walkways


    The Impress Outdoor Wall Light can be connected to your existing Hue bridge to enjoy all the features like away from home control and scheduling but is also great at creating ambience. Illuminate the walls to guide your guests into the garden with Impress. Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit. The Hue bridge is required for set up. 

    Impress Outdoor Wall Light

    Wash the walls with colour


    Wash large expanses of your outdoor spaces, such as fences, walls and hedges, with white and colour light. Part of the LowVolt system, the Amarant Linear outdoor light connects to a Philips Hue power supply unit and can even be connected to one another, creating a continuous wall of light. The built-in metal shield directs light upwards and out, creating an even spread of light across large surfaces – and eliminating harsh glare. This Philips Hue outdoor fixture is specially designed for use in outdoor environments and has undergone rigorous tests to ensure its performance. The Hue bridge is required for set up.

    Amarant Linear Outdoor light

    Take light with you wherever!


    Turn your personal space into all kinds of special by exploring endless combinations of soft light and colourful gradients. Bring the WiZ Mobile Portable Light along, anywhere inside or even outside your home and make your cosy corner truly inviting. It also has a dual-zone design that creates a beautiful gradient ombré colour effect with Dynamic Light Modes, allowing users to choose between two different light colours and creating an atmospheric ambience. This lamp features a touch panel for turning it on/off, and changing your favourite, pre-set light modes. A simple swipe will dim the light. You won’t even need your smartphone or a voice assistant.

    WiZ Mobile Portable Light

    With the temperatures reaching highs, take advantage of the outdoors and maximise your time outside with the assistance of light! Philips Hue and WiZ Connected can help you make these warm summer evenings better than ever, whether you want to relax or party, Hue and WiZ can help.

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