The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide - from WiZ Connected!


    December 3rd 2021


    Signify is here offering you the ultimate Christmas gift guide for your whole family, look no further – WiZ Connected has you sorted!


    With festivities around the corner now and Christmas in a few weeks, the clock is ticking for you to get your presents for your friends and family sorted! No need to worry, WiZ Connected has you sorted with an ultimate gift guide!


    WiZ connected smart lights are a perfect addition to your home for usage 365 days a year, providing you with endless opportunities to light up your home – allowing you to take full control. Our WiZ technology lets you enjoy full control of all your lights whether it's through Wi-Fi, mobile data networks, the remote or your existing switches. By giving you more ways to control, you're spoilt for choice when it comes to how you'd like to interact with light. Just install your lights and download the WiZ app to turn them on or off, get the perfect ambiance in your space, set schedules, and more.


    The advantages of smart lights don't just stop at controlling your lights automatically or remotely — there are other, less obvious, benefits to switching to smart lighting too.


    Easily dimmable - Traditional bulbs require you to use a switch to control the lights — and nothing else. If you want to be able to dim your lights, you need to wire a dimmer switch into your wall. Smart LED lights, however, can be controlled via the app or other smart accessories.


    Energy efficiency – With a long and sustainable life, smart LED bulbs last much longer and generate less heat than the original light bulbs, thus using less energy.


    Connectivity - Using your smart lighting system with other connected devices such as cameras, audio equipment, thermostats or home assistants allows you to create a connected smart home. Pair WiZ connected lights with smart home assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri Shortcuts in the WiZ app to control your lights with your voice.


    Automation - Smart LED bulbs can be configured individually or as a group. You can set timers that automatically turn off all the lights at a specific time of configure your lights to turn on and off when you're not at home, mimicking your presence.


    Instant mood lighting - Preset and customised light scenes create ambiance for any occasion, whether you're using warm-to-cool white light or colour LED lights, all you have to do is tap a button.


    You may never have thought that you could improve your home lighting experience — but with smart lighting, you can. With just the touch of a button, you can automate your home lighting, control your lights with your app or voice, or set routines to make it look you're home even if you're not. With smart lighting, anything is possible and it makes it the PERFECT gift for everyone!


    We recommend the following products for gifting this Christmas, which is again, guaranteed to be loved by the recipient!

    Squire Table Lamp


    Bring smart light to any corner of your space with the WiZ Squire table lamp, which casts colorful light onto the wall. Use with the WiZ app or your voice to dim and brighten or use preset light modes on Wi-Fi setups.


    WiZ Squire

    Philips Smart LED WiZ Connected Bulb 


    Use colourful shades of light in your interior spaces with the Philips smart LED full-colour smart bulb with an E27 base. This bulb is WiZ-connected. Use with your existing Wi-Fi to control with the WiZ app or your voice.

    WiZ Smart LED

    Hero Table Lamp (portable light) 


    The subtle rounded design of the WiZ Hero table lamp lets you bring colorful smart light to any corner of your living areas. Use with the WiZ app or your voice to dim and brighten or use preset light modes on Wi-Fi setups.

    WiZ Hero

    WiZ LED Light Strip Starter Kit

    The WiZ 2-metre LED strip starter kit gives you everything you need to get bright, full-colour smart light. Cut the flexible strip to size to add indirect, linear lighting to any space. Use with the WiZ app or your voice to dim and brighten or use preset light modes on Wi-Fi setups.
    WiZ Lightstrip
    Make your loved ones Christmas extra special this year and give them a gift like no other!

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