Gullwing Area Large G18

    Gullwing - equal parts architecture, engineering, and performance

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    Gullwing Area Large G18
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        An inspiration born of classic forms and forty years practical experience, Gullwing is equal parts architecture, engineering and performance. This is a luminaire where the lines between form, function and performance are indistinguishable. By virtue of its minimal contoured form, integrated die cast construction and powerful optical systems, it has changed the shape of high performance lighting. Aesthetically, the Gardco Gullwing draws its strength from a simplicity of form that makes it a natural complement to any architectural vocabulary. The subtle elimination of the mounting arm allows Gullwing an uninterrupted transition from luminaire to pole. The striking effect is that the luminaire and arm become one. But this design serves practical purposes as well - minimizing wind load and strengthening the assembly. Gullwing is a model of efficiency - an elegant response to the inherent obstacles of heat, wind, weather and budgets. The profile is the sleekest of any performance luminaire available - just 4 3/4" and 6 1/2" inches at mid section. The arrangement of components, hardware, hinging mechanisms and material transitions all speak to the integrity of the design and construction program. Every aspect of this luminaire exhibits a thoughtful, practical and highly refined approach to initial and long term performance.


        Improved efficiency allows for wider pole spacings
        Enables independent pole orientation and light distribution
        Allows for reorientation should requirements change
        Maximized component life
        Long-lasting durability


        Design utilizes a conical fan reflector and highly reflective material
        Rotatable optics
        Effective heat sink fin design
        Tool-less access to internal components
        Rugged construction


        Parks and Plazas
        Road and Street
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