Zonescape - Instantly switch luminaires on/off or program to turn luminaires on/off according to a flexible and user-defined single, daily, or weekly schedule.

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        ZoneScape’s control module easily connects to new and existing outdoor luminaires and low voltage transformers from any manufacturer – no special wires or adapters are needed. The module connects via wireless networks and is managed via a downloadable app on iOS or Android smart phone and tablet device.


        Android and iOS application for complete control of timing
        Memory when not in use: (1 year) while being used the charge is continuous
        Wiring Connections: Rated at 250V AC 30Amp
        Clock: RTC clock (Real Time Clock circuit with battery backup)
        Wifi and Ethernet: HOT SPOT mode ( no need to actual internet connection) Client Mode (connection to other networks)


        4 Relay Ports
        Max Consumption: 1Amp (All relays engaged) WIFI ON. @ 15.5V AC power supply
        Max output per channel: 8Amp @ 15.5V AC (120Watt RMS) Peak 150W


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