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    Vaya Flood MP G2, White

    Mid-power exterior architectural floodlight with crisp white lighting

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    Vaya Flood MP G2, White
    Color Kinetics
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        Vaya Flood MP (gen2) is a reliable and cost effective LED flood lighting solution for both exterior use that minimizes the initial investment, while providing exceptional flexibility to create eye-catching flood, wash and accent lighting effects. A wide choice of beam angles and color options let you bring a property to life with either static or dynamically changing colors. Extended light throw and high efficacy set this compact & robust luminaire apart. Its integrated power and adjustable tilt angle make this product versatile and easy to use.


        Affordable solution: low initial cost
        Optimized performance


        Static white versions – 3000 or 4000 K
        Static mono-color versions – red, green, blue, amber
        Integrated tilting surface-mount base
        Aluminium body with IP66 glass cover


        Flood and accent lighting of:
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