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    Graze Compact Powercore, RGBA

    Exterior compact linear grazing luminaire with intelligent RGBA light

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    Graze Compact Powercore, RGBA
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        Graze Compact Powercore, RGBA is a high-performance, exterior linear luminaire designed to highlight architectural features like molding details, archways and windows up to two stories high. Graze Compact RGBA luminaires adds a separate amber LED which expands the available range of colors to include warmer tones such as rich gold, yellow, and orange shades. Multiple luminaire lengths and beam angles support a large range of façade or surface illumination applications. The brand new low-profile housing, connectorized cabling, a universal power input range, and direct line voltage make Graze Compact luminaires easy to install and operate.


        Even illumination and color mixing directly out of the luminaire, with no shadows in between luminaires when used end-to-end
        Improves color consistency between all LED luminaires in a family with Chromasync technology
        Incorporates Powercore technology to directly accept 100 to 277 VAC line voltage


        Tailor light output to specific applications—Available in four standard lengths (1 ft, 2 ft, 3 ft, and 4 ft), and four standard 10° x 60°, 30° x 60°, 60° x 60°, and 100° x 100° beam angles.
        Ultra compact form factor—Graze Compact’s ultra-low profile is half the size of Graze, allowing it to fit discretely into almost any layout, from simple to elaborate.
        Innovative optical design features fully mixed light directly out of the luminaire. This allows for smaller setbacks than many other luminaires.
        Multiple channels of LED light sources are mixed directly out of the luminaire, allowing for setbacks of 6 inches or less.
        Improve color consistency between all LED luminaires in a family with Chromasync technology. During the manufacturing process a calibrated light measurement device creates an algorithm to define a common color gamut for an entire family of LED luminaires. When Chromasync is enabled, color consistency between luminaires is achieved without having to manually adjust color points on each luminaire.


        Grazing up to 6 m (20 ft)
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