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    Hadco ZoneScape landscape lighting control system


    Usher in a new era of outdoor lighting controls with the ZoneScape landscape lighting control system. Up to 8 independent outdoor lighting groups are controlled at the touch of a finger from any mobile device or computer, elevating ordinary lighted landscapes into enticing, high-tech destinations.


    ZoneScape’s control module easily connects to new and existing outdoor luminaires and low voltage transformers from any manufacturer – no special wires or adaptors are needed. The module connects via wired or wireless networks and is managed via a downloadable app on virtually any smart phone, tablet or computer.

    Free Download


    ZoneScape is available for iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded at the following locations.

    Landscape lighting control

    Light Switch App Capture

    What is controlled?


    Up to 300W of total luminaires may be connected per each ZoneScape control module. The luminaires are organized in up to 8 independent, user-defined groups, and using the ZoneScape app, each group can be instantly switched on and off, or programmed to turn on and off according to a flexible and user-defined single daily or weekly schedule.

    Setting App

    Is it complicated to install and use? 


    Install the ZoneScape control module in under 10 minutes without special wires, adapters or tools. Then, use the ZoneScape app’s straightforward and user-friendly interface to create and control lighting groups. It’s that easy.

    Setting App

    What will the neighbours think? 


    ZoneScape does more than just control outdoor lights – it helps to define an opulent nighttime outdoor destination that is both energy-saving and enviable. Create a high-tech, standout landscape. Create energy-saving lighting schedules for when and where light is needed. Set the neighborhood standard.