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    Day-Brite by Signify - SlimLux linear luminaires

    Light it up, for less with SlimLux


    T-grid ceilings are the cost effective, low maintenance choice for so many commercial and institutional spaces. As a lighting designer or specifier, you are always looking for the best lighting solution for these ceiling enviroments. SlimLux from Day-Brite gives you an LED, high performance linear solution at the same installed cost as a typical architectural troffer. No more sacrificing style for practicality.

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    Re-imagine the
    T-grid ceiling


    The SlimLux lightbar stem attaches tool-free to t-bar in a simple twist action. Not only does this make installation a snap, SlimLux can be repositioned in the space to adapt to changing application layouts.

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    Only SlimLux offers…

    • Indirect, low glare, uniform lighting (avoiding cave-like environments from fully direct troffers).
    • A virtually weightless product at just 2lbs (compared to 30lbs for a 2x2 troffer)
    • One half the installation time at just 10 minutes (compared to 20 minutes for a 2x2 troffer)

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