Get in the game with smart lights

    The Philips Hue integration with Razer gives you lights that sync to your every in-game move, creating an epic gaming experience.

    How to set up Hue with Razer Synapse 3

    Take gaming to the next level

    Pair colorful Razer Chroma LED accessories with Philips Hue smart lights to expand your in-game effects to the lights around you, making your gaming experience more immersive than ever.
    Basic light control – Hue gaming experience
    Preset and custom lighting effects for gamers – Hue and Razer

    Get more than just in-game effects

    Even the most dedicated gamers take a break every now and then. Philips Hue and Razer give your gaming room a serious wow-factor – even when the game is off – with preset and custom lighting effects.

    Learn more about Razer Chroma

    Razer Chroma lets you show off your individuality and express yourself through your gaming setup. Personalize your battle station with Razer – no cheat code required.

    By Gamers, For Gamers™

    How to Hue:

    Connecting to Razer Synapse 3

    Learn how to set up your Philips Hue lights with Hue Sync and Razer Synapse 3.
    razer how to video

    Get started with Razer and Hue


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