Safeguard your home

    with Hue smart lighting



      A smart home is a safe home

    Protect the perimeter

    Minimize hiding spots and increase your sense of safety with smart lighting. Here are a few key locations matched with the best products:


    • Front door. Make perfect welcome lights with our wall lanterns Inara or Lucca.
    • Garage/side entrances. Light up darker areas at night when you place Ludere Outdoor Security Lights.
    • Backyard. Distribute wide areas of light and illuminate large spaces with our Welcome floodlights.
    • Walkways. Perfect for frequently used walkways, place Calla Pathway lighting about a foot away from one or both sides of the path.





    Never come home to a dark house    



    Use the Home and Away routine in the Hue app to set your lights to turn on automatically as you near your home — and turn off when you leave.





    A Smart Sensor

    Position the new Hue motion sensor anywhere to trigger both indoor and outdoor lights when anyone walks by. Place it near your front door to greet guests or by your garage/driveway to welcome you. To surprise unwanted visitors, try placing on the side of your home and backyard.



    Plus… a secret formula to outsmart crime

    Make it look like you’re home, even when you’re miles away using the new “Mimic Presence On Motion” formula developed by Hue Labs. When your Hue Outdoor sensor is triggered, your indoor and outdoor lights come on, mimicking a pattern of usage that will outsmart the intruders every time.



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